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Hey Sunnies!

This one’s another food blog! If you read the blog I’ve posted yesterday, “Be a Blessing“, you probably knew that we went to an orphanage to meet amazing children. Of course, we wouldn’t let the day pass without eating in a new place we haven’t been before.

And so we visited this food place at Padre Garcia, Batangas (a rising municipality which is located next to Lipa City) – Tulyase!

“Tulyase” which in Filipino is pronounced as tul-ya-se, is a pan which is being used by Filipinos to cook food. The owner of this place is quite creative since he came up with this idea of calling his restaurant as Tulyase. If you’ll dine in, you will also be amazed on how they serve and present their food. The place is a two-storey building wherein you can choose where to sit and eat.

As you entered, you will be greeted by the cashier who will take your orders.

During our visit, we ordered chicken meals, egg and shanghai, “sisig”, and tuna pasta. They of course served free soup. Check these photos. (The photo of pasta isn’t here because I wasn’t able to take one when it arrived. I guess I was too hungry!).

Look how the food was presented! Cute isn’t it?

If you have read on the first photo, the place is open from 7AM to 8:30PM, Monday to Sunday.

The food is good and of course affordable!

Make sure to visit their store! β™₯️

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