Be a Blessing

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Hey there, Sunnies!

It has been a while since I’ve posted an article in this site. I have been too busy with lots of stuffs both personally and at work. I truly apologize for not being able to publish.

But today, I am back with a new one and this would be about a certain place wherein we spent some time with amazing children.

If you have read my article entitled “A day in my Life“, you are aware that I’ve got friends (who are my work mates as well) whom I am with everyday. We had came up with an idea of conducting a community service this Christmas and we chose an orphanage wherein we will be conducting the activity.

Last August, we went to Rev. Fr. Vincenzo Ida Children’s Home. This place is located at Rosario, Batangas. This one is being managed by nuns who are taking care of 16 amazing and beautiful children. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tour around the place to see their buildings.

I only got to see this beautiful chapel wherein their masses and religious activities are being done.

When we got to meet the children, we have conducted a “getting to know” activity. We wanted to know them more so that we can plan according to what they want. While talking to them, I was really amazed. At their age, they already know what they wanted in life. Although not given the opportunity to have a well-off and complete family, they still got a positive outlook in life (which is really evident on their smiles and how they converse). I even came up with a realization that we should always be thankful with everything, even the smallest blessing.

I remember back then how naughty I was when I was at their age. I am really lucky I have awesome parents who raised me so well.

These are the children I am talking about. Look at these photos!

If you would be asking if they accept donations, of course they are! If you have a kind heart and wanted to share your blessings as well, you can let me know by leaving your comments below or sending me a message on my social media accounts.

Remember, we should always try our best to share our blessings with the less fortunate. We should also be happy and contented with what we have. Not all people are as lucky as we are.

Spread love and good vibes as much as you can.

Happy Sunday, Sunnies! ♥️