Hello, Love, Good bye


Hey there, Sunnies!

Today, I have watched one of the latest Filipino movies entitled Hello, Love, Good bye. The main characters were played by the queen Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards — two famous and talented artists in the industry. Honestly, I am not an avid fan of any of the two but I love how they act and seeing the trailer made me want to watch the movie more.

In this blog, I am sharing with you the lessons and realizations I got from the movie.

  1. Dreaming is magical. As long as you got the chance to dream more, dream more. Upon building that dream of yours, do all the means you can to achieve it. Remember, a dream will remain a dream unless you move and make it happen.
  2. It is not wrong to choose yourself at times. It would be best to love yourself first before loving others.
  3. Remember that in this journey, you got amazing friends who will make you feel that even though you are sick of what’s happening, you still need to laugh and rest — people you can always turn to and will support you.
  4. Family always comes on top of the list. All of us would really do everything for the family.
  5. You should not let the other person stop you from getting what you want. A real partner would let you fly, explore, and support you in any way possible.
  6. Trust should always be the foundation of any relationship. If you trust your partner, the love between you will remain stronger.
  7. You’ll be facing the reality outside school once you graduated. Do not expect too much. Finding a decent job and earning for a living is not that easy.
  8. Rebuilding a ruined relationship and completing a broken family would be harder. Accept the reality that not everyone has a happy ending.
  9. You would really need to exert lots of effort and time in achieving your life goals. Turning a 24-hour day to a 36-hour one is indeed possible as long as you have the drive to push through. Success doesn’t happen overnight.
  10. Learn to endure every pain you feel during the process. That would make you better and braver.
  11. If your heart was once broken, never be afraid to love again. Know that there is one person destined to be with you.

Hope you learned something from this as well!

Happy Saturday! ❤

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