3 Main Reasons Why You should Let go.


Don’t get me wrong. This post is not about me or about my feelings. I am madly, deeply in love with the guy on my previous articles.

I just wanted to share my thoughts about the main reasons why you should let go — letting go of the past, letting go of the situation, and letting go of the wrong person.

Letting go of the Past

One main reason why you should let go of the past is for yourself to be free. Free of hatred, free of lies, and free of worries. I know, this is not as easy as learning the basics of Mathematics or even the alphabet. This requires a person so much time. The past is basically the foundation of what you are at present. If you’ll continue from a not-so-good past, you’ll probably bring it to the present and even in the future. Keep in mind that past is past. That already happened. No matter how hard it is, the only option left for you is to move forward.

Letting go of the Situation

If you got stuck with the situation you think you cannot win, let it go. Let’s accept the fact that not all scenarios would be in our favor. Letting go will make you at ease, will lessen your burden, and will give you the opportunity to start over again. Remember, you did not fail, you just learned.

Letting go of the wrong person

All of us of course dreamed about having a happy ending with the person we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives. Committing oneself into a relationship is the most magical thing, positively and negatively. Love is indeed full of magic — beautiful and mesmerizing. However, magic requires tricks — tricks which you sometimes cannot see.

Entering into a relationship is risky. You’ll start to bet everything you have including yourself only to find out that in the end, you’ll lose.

How do you know that you are with the wrong person? Honestly speaking, I am not certain about the answer as well. Life is not actually a battle but a journey — a journey of finding out about the things you do not actually know.

If you are experiencing difficulties and the sadness in your heart is greater than the happiness you feel, most probably, those are signs the you should let go, you should let go for you to welcome the right one.

Continue believing that there is one right person destined to be with you — a person who will never leave and hurt you, a person who’ll stand with you no matter what, and a person who will give all the love you deserve.

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