Printable Planners!


These past few days, I am really into DIYs (Do It Yourself) and cute crafts. As I have been telling on my posts before, I am not that creative and I do not believe that much on the creativity inside my head. I just submit portfolios (during school days) as requirements. Unlike others, designing is not really my passion. This is why I used to grab photos from free websites online.

Yesterday, I got to show you 4 shirt designs which I actually made. If you haven’t seen those, you can check it here. I am not that confident, but of course I am open to the idea of selling those to anyone who’s interested. Why not? I am open for negotiations (lol).

Tonight, since I’ve got a lazy, cozy, gloomy, and rainy Saturday, aside from finishing a Chinese movie, I decided to create 2 printable planner designs. I got this idea in Pinterest and thought about having my own.

Just wanted to share those designs in this site of mine as well.

Check this out!

What do you think? Do you love this idea? Reach me here or leave your comments below!

Happy Saturday, Sunnies! ❀

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