Friday Catch up!

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Hey Sunnies! How are you doing? Did you also get a busy week?

As you all know, it took me some days to post a new blog. I really can’t imagine that I wasn’t able to post one for almost 5 days! I am glad that some of you are asking the reason why and that you guys are waiting for my next articles. I really tried my best to stay connected but the stress at work and lots of stuffs needed to be done really took all my time — and for that, please accept my apology.

So this post is just to let you know that I am back at it again! Well, month-end is finally over and things at work is fine now.

Actually, during the week, besides thinking about the topics I’ll be posting, I also came up with an idea of creating printable planners (which I know most of you are using) and shirt designs (which I can sell, I guess?). I initially created 4 designs which I’ll be sharing in this post. Look at these photos. Could you let me know your thoughts? If I’ll sell these, will someone purchase? (lol)

If you loved the idea, you can head to my contact button and reach me!

And oh! I am also thinking to continue uploading videos on my YouTube channel. Yes! I have one. I created my channel last February and I was only able to upload one video. You can also check this out and tick subscribe if you want to. I am still in the midst of looking into the idea of filming those articles I am writing in this site. What do you think?

I’ll do my best to post more this weekend!

I hope you guys are doing great! ❤

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