25th Birthday Celebration!!!


Hey there, Sunnies! This one’s actually a quite overdue post.

Last July 25th, we had celebrated my guy’s 25th birthday! We do not actually had an extravagant celebration. His mom just prepared some dishes for the whole family.

25th was a Thursday and unfortunately, I couldn’t take some time off from work due to lots of stuffs needed to be done. The initial plan was actually to surprise him in the morning of the 25th. Unfortunately, he was able to find out that I bought a customized cake for him. He doesn’t want to accept any gifts from me because according to him, my presence already means a lot. Sweet, isn’t he? ā¤

But of course, I wouldn’t let the day passed without giving him something. I ordered a personalized cake which you can see in below photos. This cake was stuffed with kiwi and grapes. The icing and the chocolate drip is indeed mouth-watering. And yes, this really tasted yummy! Once tasted, you’ll definitely ask for more!

Of course, we also made sure to take a video of how the cake actually looks like (360 degrees). I am actually trying to insert the video here and it seems like there was a problem since it’s quite long. Anyway, I just made sure my guy would have a photo with this lovely cake! Check this out.

And if you would ask how much this costs, the answer is Php 850 (approximately 17 USD). Affordable, right? If you are from Lipa City or nearby cities, you can contact me on my social media accounts and I would let you know the account of the person behind this amazing creation!

Just now, I realized that we had no photos together. šŸ˜¦

Anyway, I hope I made him happy with this! ā¤

Remember, every birthday should be celebrated. A simple family gathering will do. šŸ™‚

Happy Sunday, Sunnies!

Good luck! A new week is ahead!

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