Food Blog: My Secret Pizza Place!


Hey Sunnies!

How was your week? Today is Friday and most of us of course are looking forward to weekend!

This week has been tough for me because I only got to work 3 days and I need to accomplish lots of office works! This made me a bit stressed and tired. Yeah, thank God it’s Friday!

After office hours, I went to the mall with my guy to buy a gift. While at the queue, we are already thinking where to eat. Initially, we decided to eat in a fast food chain inside the mall but suddenly, he remembered about this awesome food place in Lipa City — My Secret Pizza Place! And yes, we immediately ride a cab to get there!

The place is just near San Sebastian Cathedral and Plaza Independencia (two famous landmarks in Lipa City). If you would want to visit, you can immediately find this since they also have their page (you can click on above food place’ name).

This is how the place looks like outside. I initially thought that they only got a small area. I was amazed when we opened the door and get in.

They actually have a huge space! Check this out!

What’s more fascinating about the place is that they also have entertainment areas wherein you can spend some time to play or even sing while waiting for your orders!

Of course, we went here to try their food! We ordered chicken wings, fries, and their best-seller pizza — All Meat! We only spent Php 457 (approximately 10 USD) which is somehow affordable. Aside from these, they are also offering pasta, shakes, and teas.

Hope you could visit the place as well! 🙂

And oh, always remember to eat with the person who makes your heart happy and full!

Happy Friday! ❤

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