Food Blog: Ava’s Kitchen!


Hey Sunnies!

How was your Sunday so far? Well, mine is quite good but a rainy one.

This morning we attended the Sunday mass at Parish of Our Lady Mary Mediatrix of All Grace. After the mass, of course, we took some time to think where to eat. Initially, we talked about eating at Anchor Point in Dagatan, Lipa City. But since this is quite far and the weather seems to be not so fine, we then decided to eat somewhere near. We have found this small and cute food place at Brgy. 6, Lipa City – Ava’s Kitchen! Of course, they have their Facebook page which you can check on this link.

If you are from Lipa City, you can easily find this place since this is actually near the public market. The store is along the highway and has a small signage.

This place offers lots of food — be it burger, sandwiches, pasta, or rice meals. I have grabbed this menu from their page since I wasn’t able to take some photos during our visit (could be due to the hunger I am feeling that time).

Note: Currency used in the menu is Philippine Peso. (1 USD = 51.03 Philippine Peso – if you would like to perform the conversion).

The place is quite small and can accommodate only few people. They got amazing wall designs as well which can be seen on below photos.

During our visit, we ordered 2 servings of pasta and 4 pieces of Korean chicken wings. The pasta is really good and the chicken wings are so yummy, soft, and tender. These wings are the best I have tasted so far. If you would visit this store, I would really recommend these Korean chicken wings!

What we have eaten only costs Php 243.00 (approximately 5 USD).

Always treat yourself! Remember, eating good food will always give you good mood! 🙂

Happy Sunday! ❤

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