Food Blog: Fat Grill!


Hey Sunnies!

I am back with a new food blog! The first time I have created an article about my food experience was last July 4. So if you guys haven’t read that one yet, make sure to check it here.

So here’s the second one!

Yesterday, I had a dinner date with my friends/workmates and we’ve visited one famous restaurant at our town, Lipa City. The food place’ name is Fat Grill! ❀ They have their Facebook page as well which you can visit if you want to.

This restaurant is located at Morada Avenue near the Lipa City’s Cultural Center. There are a lot of people who are actually visiting this place to dine in because it has good ambiance, accommodating staff, and of course affordable food choices!

As you entered the facility, you would be welcomed by lots of plants telling you to go in and eat a lot. If you are worrying about the parking space, they have it here as well. The space is just quite small so if you would decide to visit the place, I would recommend to come early to ensure a spot for your car.

Their place is quite small but they could somehow accommodate approximately 50 people. Their seats and tables are quite cute as well. They’ve got those with different colors. Check out these photos!

On the first food blog I made, most of my readers were asking why I haven’t got the menu. So this time, I made sure to take a photo of those they are offering. As you look on each image, you’ll get mesmerized on how the owner end up with each meal’s name. Too creative, I guess.

Well, I hope this photo would help you out! (If you are from a foreign country, the currency used on below list is Philippine Peso).

  • Chow the Chicken – Php 115.00
  • Fire in the Hole – Php 115.00
  • Baby Come Back – Php 145.00
  • Tofu Hustle – Php 79.00
  • Roast n Beef – Php 160.00
  • Big Momma’s Baked Chicken – Php 110.00
  • Nasa Huli ang Pagsisisig – Php 115.00
  • Catch of the Day – Php 115.00
  • Alladin’s Treasure – Php 105.00
  • Fat Boy’s Liempo – Php 105.00
  • On the Wings of Love – Php 115.00
  • KKK (Krispy Kare Kare) – Php 115.00
  • Fire Me Up – Php 135.00

Just by looking on the photos of each meal, you’ll definitely feel hungry. Imagine? You could dine in by just spending less than Php 200.00 (approximately 4 USD). Moreover, the photos really look the same as the actual. As you know, there are some restaurants who have good photos but when you have seen the actual food, you’ll somehow feel disappointed. Also, you’ll notice that they are serving each meal using a chopping board instead of the usual plate which I found innovative and unique.

We are five and we ordered 2 KKK, 1 Baby Come Back, 1 Catch of the Day, and 1 On the Wings of Love.

I really enjoyed the food and felt really full after finishing mine! The side dishes are also awesome! I am sure you guys will love it as well.

If you decided to visit this restaurant, they are open Mondays to Sundays from 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM. You can have your brunch and dinner here!

If you are from Manila, you can check out the place by using either google maps or any “direction” applications available in the web. (As you know, I am not that good on “direction” things.)

This one’s a photo grabbed using Google Map

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Happy Saturday, Sunnies! ❀

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