Weekend well-spent at Lake Haven!


Hey Sunnies!

Yesterday, I have written a poem, Poem for the 6th of July, and I have mentioned that I’ll be on a trip. I promised to publish one today to share the experience I’ve had. So here it is. Thank you for waiting and for continuously showing the love I am not sure if I deserve.

We went to this place situated at Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas — Lake Haven. (If you want to visit their page, click on the name mentioned). I was really excited since I really heard a lot of good reviews about this place and this will be my first time to get there. I have seen lots of photos on the page and was really mesmerized.

As I have entered on the resort’s vicinity, I was welcomed by a beautifully groomed plant at the doorway, glass-structured house, cute little things on the side of the room, and amazing “teepees” for bedtime.

Of course, I find time to take good photos of myself along with the “teepee”. (Well, I am giving you the chance to judge if I do look good or not. lol).

As I continued looking at the hall, another spot caught my attention — the panoramic view of the famous Taal Lake of Batangas and the beauty of another popular city, Tagaytay. The overlooking view really made our jaws dropped. You are seeing the trees along with the blue water of the lake.

And yes, I must not miss this opportunity to get a photo of myself with this astonishing background so check out these photos of mine.

You can really see how beautifully God created the Earth and all things in it — plants, trees, bodies of water, and human beings. And oh, words are not enough to describe the sunset.

Aside from the amazing views and features of the resort, I can never forget the feast we had during dinner time. The foods served were deliciously cooked and prepared. I guess eating time is the most awaited part of the trip. What do you think? Ugh. Look at these photos, I’m sure you’ll feel hungry.

Upon having our dinner, we’ve had some short chats and games which made the vacation happier. We also rented a karaoke which lighted up everyone’s mood (Filipinos really love eating and singing, agree?). At midnight, we decided to take some rest to welcome the next day. It’s bedtime!

If you would go on vacations, celebrate birthdays, parties, anniversaries, or any occasion, I truly recommend this place. They’ve got all we need to relax and chill as well as good and accommodating staff.

Based on what I know, they have other rooms (other than this I have presented) wherein a family or a couple could stay. Rates are ranging from Php 3,000 to 5,000 (approximately 60 USD to 100 USD). This one we rented is good for groups of people, 20 or more. We only paid Php 750 each (approximately 15 USD). If you want to know more, go ahead and check their Facebook page.

If you’ve decided to visit this place, I would suggest to use either google maps or the “waze” application to get to the location (as I am not that good with directions so I cannot really help).

Photo grabbed using Google Maps

Thank you for reading and I hope you all spent your weekend great! Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Happy Sunday! ❤

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19 comments on “Weekend well-spent at Lake Haven!”

  1. Seems you guys really had a very nice weekend… a well deserve one far from the hassle and buzzle at work!!! Another team building event I missed! 😢

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