Poem for the 6th of July


The nature, the trees, the flowers, and bees
Every moment I am with, I am trying to seize
Summer season has ended, rainy season is ahead
I am actually figuring out how this poem will end

As I woke up this morning, I am glad and at ease
I looked at the window and heard the birds chirped
I suddenly uttered how beautiful life is
I am indeed blessed I got the chance to live

I ate my breakfast while checking my site
Happy to see messages from my kryptonites
The likes, follows, and comments I received
Made my heart stumbled and really beat

Yesterday I celebrated my site’s first month
I am actually not planning to publish any tonight
When taking my shower and having a bath
I thought of words I think I could write

Today is the 6th and I’m going to a trip
Tomorrow, I’ll post one
Which will make your eyes rip

I suddenly thought I need to prepare
So see you girls and guys, tomorrow I swear
Happy Weekend, my Sunnies, my readers, my dear
Enjoy the two-day break and make the most of it

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