Appreciating the Little Things..


Hey Sunnies! πŸ™‚

Today is the 5th of July.

I woke up so glad knowing that I have lots of things to be thankful for — every single thing, even the small ones.

Today, I am celebrating my blog site’s first month! Yes! If you have read my post entitled “Let’s know more about the writer“, it really is not my passion to write as I hate paper works and researches. Until now, I cannot imagine why I end up having this site of mine.

Marking my site’s first month, I was able to have 40 amazing followers at Word press (I thank you all, Sweeties!), 300+ likes on my Facebook page (if you might want to check and hit like as well, you can visitΒ Karla Alday), and thousands of views from people reading around the globe. I started calling my readers as “Sunnies”. If you would want to be part of our shining family, please keep on following this site of mine or my social media accounts (links and usernames posted on the “Contact” button of this site).

I know mentioned numbers are not that huge enough, but my heart keeps on beating because of so much happiness and love. I was really overwhelmed.

I know I still need to do a lot of things to be successful on this craft but I wanted to say “Thank you” to all the people who continuously believe on me, to those who are waiting for my new posts, and to those who are reading to be inspired and motivated.

I promise to keep you all, Sunnies, posted. I’ll try to write as many as I can to reach you. I just started and I hope I could get the chance to reach more people not only on my country, the Phillippines, but even those residing outside.

Many are asking if I am already earning from writing on this site. Well, answer is “No”. I started this site because of my aim to influence my readers. I have learned just recently that my site could be monetized and yes, I am working on it. πŸ™‚ First step was buying my own domain. Yeah, it costs some penny but I know in God’s will and through my efforts, I would be able to gain that back and somehow earn. Who knows?

And because of so much gratitude, I’ve decided to give back. I will be doing a “giveaway” event on my Facebook page once I have reached 500 likes! Items to be given away are not that fancy. I asked my knight to create a design for my site and I ended up having those printed on shirts. Hoping that you will all like it! If you could find time to visit that page mentioned above, I would really be happy.

This is the design I have been talking about.

Ending this article, I would like to remind everyone to be thankful for everything.

If you are facing some difficulties at the moment, be thankful enough that you can continue. Not all people have the courage to do so.

If you are glad, be thankful. Not all are experiencing the same feeling you have.

Stay motivated. Continue moving forward!

Happy Friday! ❀

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