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I just got home from a long and tiring day of work. I have written this blog to share this cozy and fancy restaurant I have been to.

My guy asked me to go out after work and eat. Can you say “no” to such invitation? Well, I can’t.

We’ve decided to visit this “Barack Burger” place which offers amazing dishes. They actually have their Facebook page which you can check as well.

Upon entering, you can really feel the vibe of a modern yet Filipino styled location. You will be seeing a huge logo of a burger on your right side which really is mouth-watering.

Barack Burger is located at P. Torres St. Lipa City, few steps away from the miraculous Mt. Carmel Church. After attending the mass, I guess you can check this place and dine in. Why not?

Barack Burger has an amazing look. I find it awesome — the chairs and tables, designs and accessories, and even the wall writings and portraits.

They got bunches of foods in their menu but what we’ve ordered are spicy chicken, spicy ribs, and honey and garlic chicken with soda and water of course. We haven’t got the opportunity to try their best-selling burgers as we really are hungry and longing for rice (yeah, quite funny but that’s the truth – no to diet). And yes, if you are asking about the prices of these foods, we only paid Php 400 (approximately 8 USD). Affordable, right? What’s more amazing is that they are offering delivery services to nearby homes. Just go visit their page to know more.

If you would want to chill and relax, this restaurant is a must visit place. You can just sip your coffee or eat your burger while listening to music, sitting, and looking at the walls (weird but the postings are amazing). The Godly messages on the wall really caught me.

This one’s indeed a good restaurant. But, going to places — be it cafeterias, churches, beaches, or any other, would definitely be enjoyable if you are with someone who makes your heart full and happy.

Reminder: Putting God on top of all should be life’s first rule.

Happy Thursday! ❀

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10 comments on “Food Blog: Barack Burger!”

  1. Thank you for this….. It will be a big help for us…. I pray that the Lord will bless you as you blessed us for this blog Ms. Karley………
    The Lord bless you and keep you….πŸ˜ƒ

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