A Poem: The Rain

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I suddenly felt something on my face
Clear, transparent, clean, and tiny
Yes, these are droplets of rain

Half of the year had passed
Summer season has finally ended
No more beach, no more sand, no more trips I guess
It is the start of the rainy season

It is now a bit colder
People are now wearing jackets with thick and long sleeves
Umbrellas could be seen anywhere
Our shoes are getting wet
It is indeed the best time for movie marathons and coffee

But why do I feel sad about it?
The gloomy weather makes me gloomy as well
I am at home, writing, drinking coffee
I cannot find anything special about the rain

Some people love it
Some wish to stare at their windows and watch as these droplets fall
Some are mesmerized
Some are amazed
But I am not

I hate the rain
I hate that I cannot go out
I hate that I can’t do anything but to stay at home
Browsing.. Eating.. Reading.. Sleeping

How about you? Do you love the rain? Could you leave your comments below? Let me know what you are thinking.

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10 comments on “A Poem: The Rain”

  1. Hi Karla. The droplets actually have their own power of reminding me of my most indelible experiences of my childhood.I hope one day you see these droplets as amazing as anything under the sun. Anyways, I love that you wrote something that is not of your interest. Hmm. Hope you can write something with the subject, “anything under the rain”. Haha. Cheers!

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  2. I love it as a cruel lover…..
    The one who just does her work and went away, creating mesh up and putting people in danger but the thing is that even I love her for her devotion of life and she just don’t think about anything and anyone, she just know to fall…

    It’s like One sided love with a determined lady who doesn’t love anyone except her work…

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