Passion Vs. Needs

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People nowadays tend to look for high paying jobs which will sustain and support their needs in life — good food, good home, education for children, and a lot more.

Many of us are currently working on certain companies of our choice. Most of us could be graduates of engineering, medicine, law, education, and more. Some got jobs inclined with what they studied in universities and some are at firms they actually never imagined they would be at.

But, have you ever think about this thought?

“Am I doing this because I need to or because I love to?”

Others would answer “because they need to” and others might choose “because I love to”. If you got both, then you are lucky!

Being at a job you love is really awesome. You got to enjoy every single thing you are doing at the office. Because your passion drives you to continue, you do not mind about any problem or difficulty and just continue doing it. Every day is an amazing day for you. You are excited to get up in the morning and go to work. Everything seemed to be easy if you love what you are up to.

If you are doing a thing just because you need to, you will possibly end up with a certain point in life wherein you wanted to quit. Because you are thinking that you need to do this, you just continue. Everything is different. You got to do things because you are required to and because you have to earn some money to support yourself and your family.

Which among these two are you?

Are you doing things because you love to or just because you need to?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving your comments below! 🙂

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