Study Habits: A guide for Students

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I am an Industrial Engineer by profession (read my blog post entitled “Let’s know more about the Writer” to know more about me ❀ ) and it took me five long years to finish and finally graduate with a degree. Then, I have spent some more months to review and be able to pass the certification.

The journey was too tough and it required me to study much more than I thought I would.

During my college days, my friends and classmates usually ask about my study habits. I cannot say I am that good at school but sometimes, I also excel. πŸ™‚

Another school year entered and most students at the moment might be facing lots of hardships and difficulties while studying. Questions like “why do I need to do this?”, “will I be able to use this at work?”, “why do we have lots of home works and projects?”, are usually heard. Moms and dads are probably having some hard time with their kids as well.

If you are curious on how I excelled at school, keep on reading this article as I will be sharing some study tips for students. πŸ™‚

  • Make sure to come and attend classes on time.

This one’s cliche but I do believe you should always come to school on time (or earlier if you can). Having yourself prepared before the class starts is a good way to relax both your physical and mental being.

  • I strongly recommend to sit in front.

Most students nowadays love sitting at the back of the class. I am not sure about their reasons but I would recommend to sit in front. I just believe you can be more focused on the class if you are hearing the instructor clearly.

  • Keep taking notes during class discussions.

During class hours, I always take down notes. Yes, anything being discussed at classes could be found in books, however, by rewriting, I can somehow remember important points shared by the instructors. Without my own notes, I don’t think I can survive.

  • When you got home, allot some minutes to read.

I usually allot some minutes at home to review all the topics discussed during the day. Based on studies, you cannot grasp all the ideas taught within just a span of time (well, if you are genius, of course you can). Reading some at the end of the day will help you refresh your mind.

  • Avoid studying the night before your examination.

It is definitely wrong to force yourself to study all night long before the day of your exam. Most students do this. However, you might end up tired and sleepy during the day. I would suggest to study 3 days prior to the examination day and just do some quick glances from time to time. Before the big day, you should take some rest and prepare yourself for the battle.

  • Avoid stressing yourself too much about deadlines.

At school, we are given lots of projects to finish. Having numerous subjects and requirements, we sometimes feel stressed and tired. If you feel like you are not that productive and efficient, give yourself some time to relax.

  • Finish and submit all paper works earlier than the deadline!

Hitting the deadline is good, but passing those earlier is great. If you think you can finish a task earlier than required, do it. Do not wait for some more days if you can do things now.

  • Of course, do not forget to always pray and ask his guidance.

Do you get something from what I have written?

Any thoughts? Feel free to let me know! Yes, comment down below. πŸ™‚

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