Life and Death

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We were all blessed to have witnessed the beautiful creations of God. There are a lot of things we should be thankful for — having our family and loved ones beside us, having a shelter and home to live at, enough food to eat, and many more.

Just today, I have heard a sad news from a colleague of mine. An accident happened nearby and two people were badly hurt. Upon finding out, they just got married two years ago — still in the stage of enjoying their married life, enjoying the moments of living together, planning the future, and figuring out where to go next.

I was a bit shocked about this news and had came up with a realization that life is indeed short. You could be healthy, kicking, and alive now, but you are not certain on what will happen next.

If you are unhappy at the moment, keep in mind that there are a lot of people feeling the same way — or even worse. Do not feel so stressed and depressed on what’s happening. You can get through it.

If you got problems you feel you can’t solve, do not think that much. Smile and breathe. Everything will pass.

If you have the time to go out and do something you want, do it. You can never get back to the time lapsed. Seize every moment.

If you have found the person you wanted to spend your life with, express all the love. Do not wait for a second chance as it might not come. Do it now.

If you feel sorry about a person, tell him.

If you can do something now, do it.

We are all aware that we begin with “life” and will end with “death”. Some people are afraid about the idea of dying, some say they are prepared.

We never know what tomorrow holds.

Life and death are both uncertain.

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