Happy Father’s Day!

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Today, we are celebrating Father’s Day — a day dedicated for all dads and father figures out there.

For all the hardworking fathers, we truly thank you.

We fully understand that you do not have that much time to spend with us due to workloads and office works. We know how hard at your side to spend most of your time in earning enough amount of penny to support us. Do not feel guilty every time you weren’t able to attend all school activities. We are grateful that you are doing all the means to provide us the life we deserve.

For all the fathers at home, we truly thank you.

We appreciate all your efforts in doing all the tasks usually done by moms. Thank you for cooking our favorite breakfast – pancakes, bacon, bread, and milk, for preparing our lunch boxes, for sending us to school, and for fetching us once classes are done. We were able to get good grades all thanks to your patience every time we need to accomplish home works and projects. Thank you for preparing everything we need.

For the all the father figures, we truly thank you.

Without you, we cannot possibly survive. Anyone could be a father. We salute you for being moms and dads to your children or for being a brother/sister and father to your siblings. We might not have the real father at home but because of what you are doing, we feel like we have.

For all the fathers-to-be, we truly thank you.

We are grateful that you wanted to see and finally hug us. We are happy that you are excited to take good care of us. Thank you for thinking about your future with us.

For all the fathers who passed away, we truly thank you.

We are grateful to have shared our life with you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see how beautiful the world is. We’ll forever cherish all the memories we had together.

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Got any comments? Let me know your thoughts!

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