Several Ways to Earn extra Income


Most people nowadays are looking for several ways to earn money. Sometimes, money earned as an employee is not that enough to sustain your needs and wants.

This is why there are a lot of people who tend to look for ways to gain extra income in the web or social media.

Like you, I am as well a person who loves checking on ways I can do to support myself. Through researching, I was able to get some ideas which I would like to share to all of you, Sunnies.

  • Try online selling

One good way of earning is through online selling. I have seen a lot of my friends on my social media accounts who are using their accounts as their way of promoting their businesses.

In this type of business, you would need a little amount of money to start. You just need to be creative enough to promote your products.

Through facebook, instagram, or twitter, you can reach your target customers without spending too much. Moreover, there would be no need to have your own stall or shop (if you don’t have that much capital). You can start even at your home and do meet-ups if you got clients.

I have lots of friends who are currently delving into online selling. You might want to visit their pages! Check below links:

  • Affiliate Marketing

According to web searches, Affiliate Marketing is a way of promoting other’s business and products often through a network. Once people ended up buying the products promoted, the affiliate marketer can gain some commission depending on the agreed amount by the marketer and owner.

If you have a business and find it hard to promote your products, you can hire affiliate marketers to help you out.

Same way, if you would want to gain some income through marketing, you can check several sites which are offering this affiliate program. Most online shops have this program. You can go and check Lazada, Shoppee, Amazon, or Ebay’s site.

  • Printing Business

If you are that creative on making your own designs, you can start with your own printing business. Although you might need a bit higher capital for the things needed to start, surely, your gain would be higher if you got lots of clients and customers.

You can start at invitation printing (since most people love sending invitations for several occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or even baptisms). You need to know how to use design tools to end up with the best output.

You can as well try shirt printing business. Shirts are being used even by businesses as their giveaways or by individuals as gifts. A lot of social media pages are offering free seminars to start with this business. This might cost much but keep in mind that shirts never go out of style. As long as you have amazing design creations, you can attract lots of customers.

  • Blogging

If you are a person who loves writing, blogging could be a way to earn extra income. However, this could be a bit harder than the other methods. Blogging takes a lot of your time. You would need to be consistent so that you could attract lots of viewers and followers on your site. By blogging, you can team up with other people especially those with businesses. Your site could be their way to promote their products. If you also have your own site, you can check WordAds, Adsense, and Infolinks as they are offering payments for every ads incorporated on your site once your readers clicked / viewed their advertisements.

  • Vlogging

There are a lot of people who are using videos as their way of earning extra income. Actually, most are doing it full time.

Having your own channel for example in Youtube, will let you upload your own videos. The more subscribers, followers, and views you have, the more income you can get. There are many successful youtubers who are gaining a lot from publishing videos online. You just need to be creative and your contents must be good to attract viewers. Having video editing skills will also help you produce good quality videos.

  • Tutoring

If you are not that creative and has no passion in writing, you can somehow try tutoring. Since another school year already started, most parents are surely looking for tutors for their children. You can choose any subject you are good at and promote yourself on your social media accounts to attract clients. Just make sure to put your contact details and rate for faster transactions.

  • Online Jobs

Another way of getting extra money is by doing online jobs. Many businesses are actually hiring freelancers, virtual assistants, content writers, and many more. Jobs are posted online using several websites. By doing online jobs, you are enjoying the perks of working at home at your own choice of time. You just need to have a good background, curriculum vitae, and of course a portfolio (wherein your works are shown) to attract clients. Sometimes, there are clients asking for examinations and interviews once they got your application. All you need to do is to pass those! Once hired, you can now start your online job and gain extra money (usually in dollars).

Good luck, Sunnies! Whatever you decide to do, just keep on pursuing what you really want!

Got some suggestions? Let me know your thoughts by leaving your comments below! 🙂

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