Secrets you should know to pass Board Examinations and Certifications

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It is graduation season again! One goal for most graduates nowadays is to pass board examinations and certifications. For students, taking exams is a crucial moment since they are not sure about the questions that would be asked.

Preparing for such is not a joke. For every goal, one should exert a lot of effort and time. (Read my blog about the life lessons I learned at 23!)

I may not be that excellent during the time I took mine but still, I would like to share some tips and secrets to the graduates who decided to continue the path.

⭐️ Choose the best review center.

One factor to a successful examination is choosing the right and best review center. Note that all questions would be based on the subjects the students taken for 4 or 5 years. Studying all those subjects would be very difficult. Luckily, there are review centers who provide lessons as refresher. Assessments are being done as well to check the knowledge gained during the review. Review centers are of great help in strategizing and planning the topics. They provide hand-outs and journals as guide to the students.

In choosing a review center, one should check the institution’s profile (history of their passers) and of course, the instructors who will be teaching the lessons (including their background and how good they are in the field).

If you are an IE graduate residing in the Philippines, I would recommend IExcel Review Center! Check their page on below link:

⭐️ Take the exam earlier.

If you just graduated, I suggest to take the exam right after. This is because you still got the knowledge learned from universities. If you’ll delay the time, you might somehow forget those important topics which are usually asked during examinations.

⭐️ Do not rely solely on what the review center teaches.

Although the review center of your choice offers great journals and hand-outs, you still need to search for more references in the web or even books. However, keep in mind that you should choose and use those which are from trusted sources. Usually, there are questions in the web which have structures the same as those questions in the examinations.

⭐️ Make sure to make your journal.

Do not forget to create your own notes during review sessions. There are a lot of people who learn while writing. Moreover, you can write those important things (not on the hand-outs) being discussed by the instructor. Usually, techniques and strategies are not written on the review center’s given journals.

⭐️ Allow some time (everyday) to review.

Of course, there would be a need to allot some of your time to browse and review everything you learned for the day. 30 – 60 minutes will somehow be enough (which still depends on you). I suggest to go through the review materials once you got home to ensure you really understood the topics discussed.

If you encountered questions / problems during your self review, you can write those on a piece of paper and clarify those with your instructor on the next meeting.

⭐️ Allow yourself to take some breaks.

After days of reviewing, you should of course take some breaks and unwind for some moment. This will relax both your physical and mental being. Talking to your friends and family members will help as well to reduce the pressure and stress you are encountering during your review period.

⭐️ Go to several churches and pray.

The most important thing you should do is to attend masses and solemnly pray. Remember that you can ask Him anything. Believe that he will be giving what your heart desires as long as you are putting the effort needed. Nothing is impossible with him.

But still, remember that whether you passed or failed, examination marks won’t define the real you. You are not forced to take those — it will still be your will.

I wish you all the best!

Would like to know your thoughts!
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