Buried Dream


When we were young, we were always asked what we want to be when we grow up.

As kids, we usually enumerate lots of popular profession. Although we do not have that much idea, we usually answer that we wanted to be teachers, lawyers, engineers, policemen, and many more.

Growing up, we started realizing the real meaning of the word “dream”. Little by little, we are getting the idea of what several professions mean, of how it feels to be a professional. We are starting to find out that it would take a lot of years, effort, and perseverance to get that dream.

When I was in grade school. Everything is unclear. What I only know is that I need to get up, eat my breakfast, and then go to school. At school, I would only be waiting for the bell to ring — the signal that it is already break time. During summer breaks, we only wanted to go on vacations and play with our playmates. We worry about nothing but gaining more cards and winning on the usual kid games.

As we entered secondary, everything seems to be a bit harder. We are starting to gain some more knowledge about how the society or even the world works. We are grasping the idea that we’ll remain as who we are at the present until we do something. Some strived really hard to get good recognition at school and others enjoyed passing.

The hardest point is when you finished middle school because you need to choose which among the hundreds of courses you would take. Of course, the course you will be choosing should be aligned with who and what you want to be.

In my case, when I got the chance to enroll in college, I was asked to give 3 choices and believe it or not, all those were under business management. I was given the opportunity to take the entrance examination without paying any penny and after some weeks, I got a mail saying that I passed. But since I have written Bachelor of Science in Accountancy as my first choice among all courses, the school expected that I would be under this department.

During enlistment, I suddenly realized that I don’t want to be an accountant. I looked at the list of all the courses again and decided to enroll under Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Weird, but yes, that was how I ended studying and graduating under BS in IE.

While studying, I have seen lots of students from different departments. I don’t know why but I was really amazed on how nursing students look. 

Suddenly, I remembered I used to say I wanted to be doctor, a surgeon. But due to several reasons including financial capability and length of time required to finish, I did not even try to shift or study again even after I graduated.

I guess being a surgeon would be my buried dream. I just hope that someday, someone from my future family would continue this dream of mine.

How about you, Sunnies? Do you have your buried dreams as well? I hope you don’t. πŸ™‚ I hope you continue striving until you get what you really want.

Remember, whatever your dream is, just keep moving forward.

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2 comments on “Buried Dream”

  1. I appreciate that you were able to follow your dream and pick a different path. That takes so much strength and courage.


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