Let’s know more about the writer.


Hey Sunnies!

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I think this is the right time to know more about the writer! I know I should have made this as my first blog post but because of so much excitement, I have published another. 🙂

Are you ready to know more about me?

The writer is a 23 year old Filipina. She is an aspiring blogger who started her own blog site just last June 5. One day, she just realized she wanted to write about anything which comes into her mind. This is the reason why her site was named “Blogs about anything under the sun”.

She was from a family of 5. She got 2 sisters and loving parents. She’s the middle child and this was maybe the reason for her behavior (I am now thinking to create a blog of how a middle child behaves. What do you think?)

Her eldest sister is a licensed Electrical Engineer and the youngest is a graduating student (currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering).

She has been in a relationship for almost 9 years. ♥️ Met her knight in shining armor in middle school. Would write the secrets to long lasting relationship soon, excited? Hope you are. 🙂

The writer graduated from college with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and was hailed as the top student of her batch. She was a university and provincial scholar.

She passed the certification for Industrial Engineers last 2018 making her a Certified Industrial Engineer.

Currently, she is practicing her profession and is working for almost 2 years in a manufacturing company.

Her dream was actually to be a surgeon but due to some personal reasons including financial issues as well as the length of time needed to finish, she decided not to continue.

The writer actually has no passion in writing even before. Actually, she hates school works and researches. But believe it or not, she had been part of her school paper organization back in middle school. Until now, she’s been wondering how she came up with the idea of creating articles and sharing those to her readers.

She loves music. She knows how to play both guitar and ukulele. These were just learned by watching videos online (don’t expect that she is that good.) She’s currently thinking to learn how to play the drums. But since that would be harder without a mentor, she might enroll in some sessions on the next months.

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She is not actually into reading books but more of watching movies and series (mostly Korean and Chinese artists). Are you a movie/series person as well? You’ll probably see some series’ reviews on the next blogs.

She loves eating as well and her favorite food is pasta — any kind.

The writer is quite friendly and outgoing. She loves unwinding and hanging out with friends (at day time). Quite weird, but yeah, she loves going home early.

She’s as well eager to find out ways on how she’ll be able to support herself. She somehow dreams to own a business on the next years.

One of her life goals is to travel to be able to see the beauty the world offers. Unfortunately, she has a lot of things to prioritize and travelling consistently is not included in her plans at the moment.

Most of the times, she worries a lot but because she’s a positive thinker, things just fall into its right places without her knowing what she did. Like, what? Everything’s solved?

The writer wants to influence her readers in any way possible. She loves accepting criticisms, comments, and suggestions. So if you feel like you wanted to tell something to her, you can go ahead and check out her contact details on this site. 🙂

Got more questions? Contact me! 🙂

Have a good day, Sunnies!

10 comments on “Let’s know more about the writer.”

  1. The writer graduated from college with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and was hailed as the top student of her batch. She was a university and provincial scholar.

    Mahusay si bessy! ❤️ Imissyou and Iloveyou, support ako always haaha

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