Making a Big Difference

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The purpose of living is to live with purpose. Every individual has his distinct reason why he lives today and maybe dies tomorrow because his purpose has finally ended. No one knows what is his and you never know what is yours until fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness speak for you.

Living the life God has given, I always ask about the purpose of my life. There is no answer or even signs at all. There is this feeling that I can’t and I am not on the proper place I should be. I was like a dead fish that goes with the flow thinking that my purpose is just to let things around me be the way they used to.

They say “man cannot discover new ocean unless he has the courage to lose the sight of the shore”. So I did. Throughout my journey in life, I tried to get out of my comfort zone – traveling the same direction of waves as the society does. At the terminal end, I discovered and learned that I was living with the wrong purpose. I understand that the reason of my existence is to change the world and do not let it change me.

The world as an arena of discrimination and inequality always look up to “how much” instead of “how”, “how much you contribute to change the world” rather than “how you change the world”. Sad to say, quantity always run before the quality of effort of making a change. If the common way of thinking continues, how can I create a big change if people see me as a small, young, and innocent individual with limited capabilities?

Looking beyond the truth, I remembered what Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Then I thought of something, “what kind of change do I really want to see?” Having a deep realization, I ended up concluding that it is not merely the society which is in need of change but the people in it and their ways of thinking.

Doing something for change is never easy. It takes a lot of everything in you. And today, with my head lifted up, I can finally say I can make a big difference. A big change which will start by not thinking “how much” one offered but appreciating “how” he lends something, and by understanding that the cycle do not always follow the usual “give and take”. It is not about doing something good and expecting better in return. I can now make a big change for I truly realized that time, effort, patience, and courage are enough to come up with the best change. It requires love and sincerity. It is not about what you need and you have but what you love to.

At the very end, the biggest change I can do is seeing people around me imitating the way I changed and seeing them change so that they can transform the world better than it was before.

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