I know you…

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I know your past. You are thinking about the memories you had — those good and even bad ones.

I know you had survived lots of difficulties and experienced challenges. Life tested you for so many times, and here you are. You are as strong as the person you dreamed to be. I salute you, human.

I know you are thinking about your present.

I know you are a kid who enjoys playing with other kids. You know every single game and keeps on playing until you hear your mom says, “hey, lunch is ready!”. You’ll rush and go home. After eating, you’ll go out and play again. Thinking about nothing, no worries.

I know you are a student and you just finished this school year. You are looking forward to spending your vacation with your friends and family. You are now planning to go on trips, to the beach, to good places. You wanted to enjoy this period before starting with another school year.

I know you just graduated. You held your diploma and thanked your parents for giving you the opportunity to study. You are so happy. You are thinking to give yourself a break and take some time off after entering into the real world of an adult.

I know you just graduated. Same thing, you held your diploma and give thanks. You look so happy and you are thinking to enroll next school year to get a master’s degree or a post graduate diploma.

I know you just graduated and you have waited for so long to finish. You have applied on several job postings and waiting for the results. You are too eager to get a job and earn some penny to support your family and get all those things you wanted to get.

I know you are a working person. You are at a job you love doing. You enjoy every single moment at work. You are too grateful for getting this job. You love your workmates, you enjoy being with them. You usually forget the time because you know the tasks you need to do.

I know you are working. You are tired. You wanted to quit. You are no longer happy. You wanted to take a break. You have been doing the job for so long and you wanted to get another. Everything is routinary. You get up, go to work, and go home.

I know you are getting married. You are too excited on this new journey. You’ll now live with the person you wanted to live with for the rest of your life. Everything is in place. You have plans. You are looking forward to a new chapter in life.

I know you are a working mom / dad, you are now thinking about your family, your children. You do not have the time to play with your kids. You got a tutor to help your child on his home works because you can no longer spend time with him. And oh! You missed his PTA meeting. You cannot attend to the school’s family day because you have an urgent meeting. After a long day at work, you got home, tired… You saw your child, sleeping.

I know you are a full time mom / dad, you are seeing how awesome your child is growing. You always accompany him at school in the morning, you bring his food for lunch, and get him after school. You now worry about his needs, you have to buy him something for his project. You have to pay his tuition fee. Your monthly electric and water bills are due tomorrow.

I know you are working overseas. You missed your family so much and wanted to go home. But suddenly, you thought about your family’s future.

I know you are a granny. You suddenly realized you have missed doing things you wanted to do. You did not get the chance to go on parties. You are now old. All you can do is to sit and sleep all day. You woke up with the sun and will spend all day waiting for the moon.

I know you are a granny. You are spending some time with your grand children. You are telling old stories about your life experiences. You are seeing the smiles on their faces. You are too grateful you had this life.

Which among these are you?

I know you are now thinking about your future.

But believe me or not, you do not have to think that much. Life isn’t perfect. You could be sad now and they are happy. You are successful and they are not. Keep in mind that though this is happening now, it will be finished some time later.

Time passes.

Do not be afraid to try things. If you had a mistake, it’s okay. If you get things done perfectly, it’s good.

Remember, Sunnies, what’s happening now is a result of your choice in the past. What will happen tomorrow would be based on the things you’ll be doing now.

Breathe, chill, relax, and smile.

I know you are struggling and I hope you are happy.

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