Interview Tips for Graduates!

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Graduating from universities after years of hard work is indeed fulfilling. Holding your diploma might bring back lots of memories: 6 years in grade school, 6 in middle school (both junior and senior years), and another 4-5 years in college (depending on the course you chose).

Congratulations because you have survived lots of examinations, proposals, researches, and projects. You were able to submit all requirements needed and passed all paperworks and thesis defense!

Welcome! You’ll now start your journey as a grown up, a young adult. Right, this is not the end, but the beginning.

I know most of you are now thinking when, how, and where you’ll be applying to get your first ever job! Let me share some interview tips during application. Hope this could help you in any way. 

  • Make sure to come earlier than your scheduled interview.

Once you received a call/mail for your interview, make sure to be noted on the date and time. You should check if they wanted to conduct the interview face to face, via phone or other media like Skype.
Be sure to come to the interview place at least 30 minutes earlier. If you came late, this might somehow affect the employer’s first impression of you. Your reasons for being late could be valid but know that you are the applicant, and excuses are sometimes not entertained.

Remember, first impression lasts!

  • Wear the best formal clothes applicable to the job you are applying. Come neat and prepare copies of your curriculum vitae.

This one is very important as well. Before going to your scheduled interview, make sure to wear applicable and neat clothes. At the same time, you should be comfortable and confident on what you wear. Do not forget to bring copies of your updated curriculum vitae and everything you need including pens, paper, and identification cards. Make sure you know what you have written on your CV.

Drinking water before talking to the interviewer will help as well!

Keep in mind that how you look somehow mirrors your personality.

  • Prepare and look for sample interview questions ahead.

It is good as well to look for several usual interview questions. This could give you ideas on the possible questions to be given by the employer. Creating your own journal is a great help but make sure not to memorize your answers as it will look like everything is scripted. Watching videos are beneficial as well since you can visually see how it really is during interviews. In addition, you must also learn correct gestures.

Better come prepared than surprised!

  • Knowing the company’s profile could also help.

Another must do is to be familiar with the company you are applying for. You can do some research about the firm — its overview/profile, products and services offered, and even policies. This could be your edge in case the employer asked your expectation and insights about the company. Giving positive feedback could count as an additional point for you.

  • Make sure to read the qualifications, requirements, and description of the job you are applying for.

Before sending your application, you must know the description, qualifications, and need of the job. It would be a waste of time if you’ll apply to a position knowing that you’ll not pass. Researching about the possible tasks to be done will help you visualize and assess if you meet the qualifications set.

  • During interview, make sure to smile and stay calm. Do not be too nervous and make sure to think before you speak.

Smile as soon as you see the interviewer. Smiling may mean that you are not that nervous and you really came prepared! 

During the interview proper, be enthusiastic. Make sure to think about the questions first before you speak. Answering in a calm tone is good. Make the interviewer think that you know what you are talking about.

  • Be confident and try to show your real self.

Confidence is another criteria during job interviews. Note that confidence is evident on the way you speak and act. If the interviewer sees the real you, you are more likely to get hired. Just try to express your thoughts on the simplest way possible. Using deep words won’t help that much.

  • Do not be disappointed if you think you screwed up during interview. Go ahead and read my blog about the life lessons I learned at 23. πŸ™‚
  • Pray!

In everything you’ll do, seek assistance and guidance to Him. Always pray and trust the process.

Know that everything will fall on the right places at the right time.

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