Life Lessons I learned at 23!


Hey Sunnies! 

I am up with a new blog! Feeling pressured at life? Got no inspiration to continue? Feeling unmotivated?

I am sharing with you some life lessons I learned at 23! 

⭐️ Always know that God is in control.

Life is indeed beautiful. But no matter how beautiful it is, we are still experiencing difficulties — be it in love, work, school, and many more. During hardships, there are people who sometimes ask questions like “why is it me?”, “why do I have to experience this?”, “why am I being punished?”, “have I done anything wrong?”. Remember humans that we cannot control everything as we are not certain on what will happen next. Yes, you could be experiencing this situation now, but know that time will come and you’ll definitely surpass it.

“After the storm, the sun will be up.”

When we are at some point in life wherein we do not understand why, how, and what is happening, always keep in mind that there is He who knows everything and is definitely in control. Trust his plans and will. You are definitely at the right path.

⭐️ Do not settle for anything less.

This is so much applicable to me and I believe would be applicable as well to others. I firmly believe that we should not settle for anything less and aim for more. For students who are experiencing hardships at school because of examinations, quizzes, and recitations, aiming a passing score is not bad. If that is what you can at the moment, then be it. However, know in mind that you could always push yourself to the limit. Why would you settle on having a 75% score if you can get a 100%? When you are exerting an effort for something, I suggest to do everything you can to get the best outcome possible. Believe me, when you have achieved it, the happiness you’ll feel would be fulfilling.

Same goes if you are an adult and is an employee on a certain company. I bet there are lots of performance bonuses given by employers. If you can dedicate some more time and effort to get a 10% increase versus the target of only 5%, much better!

Keep in mind that if you can do anything to get more, do it. As long as you are not hurting anyone and is doing it the right way, you are helping yourself to get the things you deserve to have.

⭐️ Look on the positive side of things
We do face lots of difficulties everyday. Life wouldn’t be thrilling and exciting without problems. When you are the peak and wanted to give up, try to look on the positive side of things.
Failing an examination at once is not that bad. Know that you could do better the next time. Instead of worrying about failing, spend your time on looking at the details as to why you failed — then correct those. Gradually, you’ll be seeing your progress.

If you are in a relationship and your partner left you, yes, you have all the rights to be sad and gloomy. But instead of thinking about your partner for days, weeks, or months, try to give your attention to things you like to do. Keep yourself busy. Remember this famous John Lloyd Cruz’ line in his movie entitled One More Chance, “the reason why your loved ones leave is because there are new people who’ll love you more than they did.”

⭐️ Set your goals (either short term or long term) and try to do all your means to achieve them.

Setting of goals, either short or long term, would help you achieve eveything you want in life. Starting with a weekly goal to a monthly goal and eventually a yearly goal is good. Remember to always put timelines and deadlines so that you’ll be able to monitor your status and progress. Anything you set, be it quantitive or qualitative, matters.

Note that every little goal you set serves as one step towards your biggest dream.

⭐️ Learn to forgive and eventually forget.

Forgiving and forgetting are two different words. You might have forgiven someone but haven’t forgotten what he did. 

We, people could be sensitive at times. We will always come to a point wherein we’ll have petty fights with others. Forgiving is a bit easier than forgetting. I know it is hard to forgive someone who did wrong most especially if what he did really hurt you. But believe me, forgiving lessens the ache in your heart. By forgiving, you are not helping the other person, but yourself.

Forgetting on the other hand is a much longer process. I am not telling you to easily forget — but to learn how to. If forgiving the person reduces your sadness, forgetting the act will set you free.

⭐️ We got different timelines.

This one’s a bit cliché. I have been reading this statement on several posts from friends and people. Do not feel disappointed about yourself if you weren’t able to get what you want now. Same way, do not envy other’s achievements. A student who graduated from college at age of 21 is the same as a graduate who finished school at 30. There could be a millionaire at the age of 23 and a 50 yr. old millionaire. One got pregnant at the age of 18 and the other at age of 45.

Remember, if you did not get it now, this is not yet your time and something better is up for you!

⭐️ Enjoy life to the fullest!!!!

This would be the last for now. Amidst all those you are experiencing at life, do not forget to enjoy and take breaks. Go with your friends and loved ones. Attending parties, eating, and drinking out at times would help you recover and de-stress. Travel, unwind… Take deep breaths and take time to see how beautiful life is.

We are still human beings, we get tired, frustrated, and sad. At the end of the day, you should still treat yourself and continue to be happy. ♥️

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2 comments on “Life Lessons I learned at 23!”

  1. You have learned a lot, by the age of 23. I hardly had a clue about anything at that age. I am now 67, and still wondering if I have ever worked it all out. 🙂
    Many thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

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