It is indeed more fun in the Philippines!

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The Philippines is a country blessed with lots of resources and places to visit. Having thousands of islands, beautiful culture, and amazing people make it more appealing not only to Filipinos but even to all people around the world.

Amazing view from the plane.

Travelling could be one’s way of escaping to see the beauty of every creation. People ought to travel to release stress and take breaks from the pressure life offers — in school, at work, or even at home.

From the many islands the Philippine has, one best place you must visit is Palawan!

The trip we had, began at Puerto Princesa City. We visited historical places and tourist spots for a day upon arriving — churches and even marketplace. The city has a lot to offer. We went to several places including the famous “Puerto Princesa Baywalk” wherein we got to see some performances at night and amazing view by the bay.
We also got the chance to see “Mitra’s Ranch” located near the Baker’s Hill. The scenic view was indeed fascinating. People could even try horseback riding as well as zipline. We went to see the crocodile farm as well. Seeing huge crocodiles is really nerve-wrecking. Other animals are also being taken care of in the wildlife sanctuary.

A day is incomplete to see the beauty of this city.

It took us almost 6 hours to arrive to our next destination — El Nido, Palawan!

When we arrived, we experienced island hopping and got to see several islands.

Seeing these places is great and amazing with the people you cherish. It would always be happier to go on trips with your loved ones.

Travel as long as you are able..

Travel as long as you have the time..

Remember that good memories with people you love are treasures.

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