A happy workplace can make you stay. ⭐️

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Graduating from college is really tough. After several years of taking exams, quizzes, and recitations, everybody wants to land to a job which will make us feel secured, happy, and fulfilled — a job wherein we can earn and get to practice things we learned at universities.

Wearing my graduation outfit

For fresh graduates, it is really difficult at first. For some, they tend to resort to companies nearby because of the thought that it would be much harder to live away from home. Others would love to take challenges and go to new places they haven’t been before — resulting to getting and renting dormitories, condominiums, or apartments. Most people also have several beliefs about “having their 1st jobs”.

During application, the only things we got to see are job descriptions, locations, and company overviews. We aren’t even sure what are we going to do, who are the people we’ll deal with, and how long we’ll stay in that company.

In my case, I have been working for almost two years now. The job I am doing is not as easy as what I thought at first. Yes, you got to experience being at the lowest to rank up — which I think is a good thing since we can learn even the tiniest details.

You cannot really avoid the pressure at work! Attending meetings and talking to co-employees could be hard at times. You would be needing lots of ideas and self confidence to express yourself and show what you’ve got.

Yes, it could be tiring and at times, you’ll come to a point wherein you want to quit. But then, you’ll realize how hard it is to find a new one (😂) and repeat the same process you did during application.

During my birthday celebration at the office!

But seriously speaking, in my case, one reason for staying at work is the team I am working with everyday. Being with amazing and smart people reduces the stress and pressure you feel at work.

Well, if you are thinking to quit now, think again…

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